A little something to brighten your (work) day.


Photo taken at Van Dusen botanical garden in Vancouver, B.C. Lights everywhere! A must-see during Christmas season! ©tomokojoy

During university, I often used the library’s public computers to edit and design my work. When I did, the first thing I did was to change the desktop background. It not only gave me a sense of making the space my own but also of making a space that was peaceful in the midst of the busyness and stress that filled the rest of the computer screen. These days, on my own PC, I choose both playful and peaceful works as desktop backgrounds. Here are a couple go-to’s that have worked for me the last couple years:

National Geographic Photo of the Day: a daily go-to for inspiration! You can download many of the photos as desktop wallpapers. If you’re looking for something that will bring you some calm, choose scenic photos that have lots of green in them.

Smashing Magazine Calendars: a monthly go-to for inspiration! Artists from around the world create desktop wallpapers for anyone to download for free. Many theme their work based on the seasonal connotations of the months. You can choose to download the wallpapers with or without calendars. You can also download them in various resolutions. Additional tip: I’ve used some repetitive design work as wallpapers in my email accounts […because how many of us are a bit allergic to email and could use some cheering up (and cheering on) in this area?]. 😉


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