[Other] Creative Endeavors

100 Day Project: Defining the Gospel

For 100 consecutive days, I tried to define the Gospel of Jesus in a different way each day. As the final presentation medium, I chose a chandelier shaped 3D representation. I used highly reflective (and gaudy) styrofoam material to cut out and paste the 100 definitions onto and a wooden frame with wire and twine to hang up each of the 100 day definitions.

If any of you have attempted a 100 Day Project before, you know that it quickly becomes a tedious every day task. The laziness that results from the tedium, together with the seemingly impossible challenge of coming up with 100 truly spectacular definitions, resulted in many of my definitions being tasteless and un-impactful, just like the cheap, gaudy styrofoam material I used. One of the best lessons I learned was that the Gospel is what it is–it should not be cheapened or trivialized in any way. Also, though it can be explained in simple terms for a young child to understand, it is loaded with many deep and difficult underlying truths that puzzle even the most scholarly of theologians.

IMG_0493edited IMG_0500edited IMG_0502edited IMG_0513edited

More projects will be posted soon…


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