13_09_11IMG_6277One year, on September 11th, when I was living in America, an American expressed how terribly sad he felt for the victims of 9/11—those who died as well as family and friends who had been left behind. He then went on to express the tragedy and sting of terrorism in general… that along with Americans who suffered on and have continued to suffer from that terrible day, there are tens of thousands of people around the world who can relate to that terror, who live with the fear of death and the turmoil of loss. Can I just say, I have an extremely high respect for this American… for the maturity that he has shown, for the time he has taken to consider the pain and suffering of terrorized humanity.

The photojournalist in me goes out to those people whose pain and suffering even the powerful tool of photography has failed to capture and to those people whose stories were not told with the greatest level of respect, dignity, and depth. And the human in me goes out to those people whose pain and suffering are an everyday burden, whose grief is powerful and often impenetrable.